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NCCSS Committees & Chair People


2019-2020 Committees




  1. BOCES Advisory Dr. William Johnson
  2. Celebrating Excellence Breakfast Ms. Lisa Ruiz, Ms. Lucille Iconis
  3. Curriculum Dr. Elaine Kanas, Dr. Kenneth Card
  4. Legislation Dr. Joseph Famularo, Dr. Bill Heidenreich
  5. Mental Health and Related Services Dr. Dominick Palma, Dr. Vincent Butera
  6. Networking & Social Functions Dr. Maria Rianna, Dr. Teresa Prendergast
  7. Policy Dr. Bill Heidenreich, Mr. David Schneider
  8. Professional Learning & Development Dr. Cynthia Seniuk, Ms. Marie Testa
  9. Safety Dr. Joseph Famularo
  10. Technology Dr. Michael Nagler, Dr. Tonie McDonald
  11. Website Dr. Teresa Prendergast





  1. AASA Dr. Ralph Marino, Dr. Shari Camhi
  2. HOD Dr. Maria Rianna, Dr. Laura Seinfield,
    Dr. Nicholas Stirling, Dr. Ralph Marino (alternate)
  3. LIASCD Dr. Laura Seinfeld
  4. LIASEA Ms. Marie Testa
  5. LIASPA Dr. Bill Heidenreich, Dr. Fino Celano
  6. LIEC Dr. Kishore Kuncham
  7. LIRACHE Dr. Lorna Lewis, Dr. Shari Camhi
  8. NADCO Ms. Marianne Litzman
  9. Newsday Dr. William Johnson
  10. NSSBA Dr. Joseph Famularo, Dr. Maria Rianna
  11. NYSCOSS Dr. Lorna Lewis, Dr. Phyllis Harrington
    Commissioner’s Advisory Committee:
    Dr. Nicholas Stirling, Dr. Laura Seinfeld
  12. NYSPHSAA Mr. Henry Grishman
  13. PTA Mr. Eudes Budhai, Dr. Tonie McDonald
  14. SCOPE Mr. George Duffy
  15. Section VIII Dr. Phyllis Harrington, Mr. John McNamera,
    Dr. Tonie McDonald, Dr. Laura Seinfeld
  16. Small City Schools Dr. Maria Rianna


Assistance to Superintendents
Mr. Charles Cardillo, Mr. Henry Grishman,
Dr. Lorna Lewis, Dr. Robert Dillon,
Dr. William Johnson